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Multi-Family and Commercial Renovations
One-Day Occupied Renovations. That's Our Specialty.

Are you facing occupancy issues? Low NOI? Need to reposition your property? It’s time to talk to Towne Properties.

Our Approach
Creating Value Through Experience

We understand that owning real estate is all about increasing the value of your properties. That is why we focus on renovations that will create the most long-term value for your investment.  

We are a team of honest, experienced straight-shooters who specialize in solving challenges on the fly. On-site teams love us because we deliver one-day renovations that improve resident satisfaction. Owners love us because we customize every job to their budget and NOI goals.

Our Approach

What We Offer
Renovating Great Places

Prioritizing renovation and improvement projects are a daunting task. Let us assess, prioritize, and plan for you ensuring our renovations will meet your rate of return expectations and create a Great Place to Live for your residents.

  • Strategic renovation planning
  • Occupied renovations
  • Bulk renovations
  • Insurance repairs and rebuilds
  • Cost plus billing
  • Large supplier network with buying power
  • Quality products that reduce upkeep costs long-term
  • In-house renovation team that specializes in:
    • Occupied renovations
    • Value-add projects
Success Stories
Great partnerships mean great success

Our renovation projects are designed to ensure that you achieve success - however you define it.

  • Value-Add - Kitchen Renovation

    A multi-family property was ready to embark on kitchen renovations to improve occupancy and increase monthly rental rates. Towne Properties renovation team completed the following renovations:

    • 192 units renovated
    • Each renovation took 1 day
    • Cabinets, lighting, backsplash, appliances, and countertops were replaced


    We experienced a 46% increase in rent for one-bedroom units and a 38% increase for the two bedroom units.

  • Craft project
    Better Quality - Lower Price

    When it was time for major hallway renovations in a historic multi-family property the owner knew they had to find the right renovation specialist. After receiving several bids, they turned to Towne Properties’ renovation team We were able to deliver the renovations with minimal disruption to the residents and property team.


    • We used better quality materials than the other contractors proposed.
    • Our job was completed for almost 30% less than other bids.

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